Saturday, March 8, 2014

Leah Miller Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures Facelift Photos

Has Leah Miller Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Lots of people, both fans and the casually curious, wonder about Leah Miller’s recent TV appearances which have fuelled the rumors that may have had some sort of cosmetic “enhancements”.
Miller is a Canadian television personality, a former VJ (video jock), hostess on Canada’s So You Think You Can Dance and is now the hostess on an E! Canadian show.

Still young, Miller was born in 1981, but there have already been questions about celebrity plastic surgery procedures being done on the television hostess.

The Canadian singer and television personality Leah Miller had always been known for her naturally cute appearance, but now, something has drastically changed. Many people blame plastic surgery for her strange new look. For a young woman it is surprising, but the photographic evidence indicates that she has likely had a facelift. Other fans and critics speculate that she’s also had a breast augmentation.
Once a very natural and beautiful young woman, many of Leah’s fans are horrified at what they now see before their eyes. This former VJ (or video jockey), hostess of the Canadian version of So You Think You Can Dance, and E! Canada hostess might have started to feel the pressure of looking young and fresh as she started to make her way through her thirties. Unfortunately, trying to look younger when you aren’t that old to begin with can often backfire. This exact situation leaves many celebrities looking worse than ever, rather than prolonging their careers.

The biggest evidence is in photographic form, as Leah has not come out with any type of statement regarding her use of surgery. The shape of her face seems wider, which may indicate facial fillers were used on her cheeks, or may be further evidence of a facelift pulling her skin tight. Some people also believe she’s had an eyelift to make her eyes more almond shaped. Additionally, her nose is very, very small now. It would appear that she attempted to get a nose job, and it went very wrong leaving her with almost no nose! Finally, her breasts were of a very modest size earlier in her career, but now they are very large – almost too large for her body.
Most of the rumors began when people have noticed Leah’s slightly changed appearance. Having in mind that she is in her early 30s, it seems a little strange that she has chosen to get plastic surgery. Looking at some of the photo comparisons we can see that her face has really changed – her skin looks smoother and fuller. People started suspecting that she might be using Botox injections, which nowadays are extremely popular amongst celebrities. Other speculations regarding possible Leah Miller plastic surgery include breast augmentation, blepharoplasty, face lift and eyelid surgery.

How well Leah Miller plastic surgery was done?

However, none of these rumors have been confirmed by and for now they are just speculations. Even though her face seems to have changed, maybe it could have happened for other reasons, not necessarily plastic surgery. It is possible that her face looks fuller because she has gained some weight. As for the other speculated surgeries, they are not as easy to explain. Perhaps it is different lighting and view angle in the photos which made her face appear slightly different in compared photos. Either way, most of the people would agree that even if Leah Miller did have a plastic surgery, it was done subtly and professionally. There weren’t any drastic or dramatic changes and isn’t one of the celebrity plastic surgery examples, at least for now. If we look at some of the other celebrity plastic surgery stories, we can see that there have some terrible examples. A few of the worst plastic surgery examples are Jocelyn Wildenstein, Mickey Rourke or Michael Jackson plastic surgeries. These examples clearly show what happens when a person becomes addicted to plastic surgery instead of accepting their natural looks.
All in all, there is no way to tell if any of the Leah Miller plastic surgery rumors are true, because none of them have been confirmed. The changes on her face are too subtle to know for sure that they have happened because of plastic surgery. It is possible that she didn’t get any plastic surgery and it is her good genes and natural beauty that are responsible for her beautiful appearance.

How Effectively Was Leah Miller’s Plastic Surgery Carried Out?

Other celebrities such as Rose McGowan and even Katy Perry have had to deal with similar questions. Most of them remain quest about reports on their breasts augmentation, facelift or other cosmetic surgery procedures. Heidi Montag is however open about ten cosmetic procedures she underwent. Most celebrities keep quiet and speculations remain just that, speculations.

Though it is not necessarily Leah Miller plastic surgery has gone bad, speculations remain afloat about the eye shape and breast size to have been enhanced through surgery. Many people apparently believe that celebrities in the entertainment go through the knife irrespective of the role they play in the industry. It is critical that viewers keep some key facts in mind especially when speculating an actress of young age like Leah Miller.
Though pictures are worth over a thousands words, these words do not always reflect the truth. Before and after photos can depict you completely different depending on lighting, angle, colors worn on the day of the photo and even composition. The way one looks can also be altered subtly by the hairstyle and even make-ups that emphasize one aspect and not the other. Because of the tender Leah Miller’s age, it is possible she has grown more depending on when the previous photos used for comparison were taken.

Even as speculations heighten, the fans appear in agreement of one thing; that Leah Miller’s plastic cosmetic procedure was done in a professional and subtle way. When compared with other cases that went terribly wrong in the past such as Mickey Rourke or even Wildenstein plastic surgery, Miller’s plastic surgery was a great success. The examples show what can happen when one gets addicted to facelifts, breast implants, lip implants and other plastic surgery procedures.
Speculations on Leah Miller plastic surgery will no doubt continue because of her fame and the seemingly unending debate why celebrities take it. While no evidence or answer appears to come from her, the question still lingers on whether it is plastic surgery or natural beauty that assists her to remain fit.