Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sammi From Jersey Shore Plastic Surgery Boob Jobs Before and After

Jersey Shore Girls: Did JWOWW and Sammi Get New Plastic Surgery?

So there we were last night being our hyper-observant, multitasking, no life selves, watching Jersey Shore, the Jersey Shore Aftershow and reading the Twitter streams of the entire cast.  No big right?  But then, our plastic surgery synapses began firing smoethin' fierce and we had to do a couple double takes.

Let's start with JWOWW.  JWOWW has obviously had plastic surgery on her breasts and she has been very upfront about it.  But if you remember, recently we began questioning the integrity of her lips (see the very end of THIS post we did ), because it looked like she had a plumper pout during a recent media appearance.

Well, yesterday, on the Jersey Shore Aftershow, JWOWW and her lips walked out and our eyes popped out our heads.  Did she get lip injections or some other lip work done?  We're not saying she did, but.........

Draw your own conclusions.  (We see what you did there Jenni).

Ok, lets move on to Sammi.   This one is a little more complex so pay attention PATsy Nation.  Recently, a Jersey Shore daily clip was released with Sammi talking to Snooki about getting breast implants or a lift (P.S. she also dissed JWOWW's work in the process, mhmmm).  Observe Exhibit A (which took place in the Summer of 2010):

Notice the "sporty" nature of her upper region.

Now, fast forward to yesterday when Sammi tweeted this picture of herself (AKA Exhibit B):

Hmm, she certainly looks healthier up top.  Now we know that a serious bra can do wonders, but... they're pretty BIG no?  What do you think?  Did Sammi have work done??? 

Oh yeah, we forgot to mention, we know he's not a girl but we're starting to wonder if Pauly D has pec implants.  No? Yes?

Sammi just tweeted this pic of herself. Um... interesting.  We'd like to get your thoughts.  We see what you did there Sammi (P.S. we know you took the pic Sammi, no matter how hard you tried to mask your left arm extending ever so slightly! We know those tricks... Um hmmm):

The Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City New Jersey; home of slots, table games, old women and even older men in matching track suits playing slots while drinking free coffee for 8 hours at a time, and…plastic surgery? Reports are coming out that the famed Jersey gambling spot will be running a player’s card (the cards they give you to keep track of your playing time) contest in which the top prize is $25,000 worth of plastic surgery. According to Kathleen McSweeney, senior VP of marketing for Trump Entertainment Resorts, “We wanted to change the face of a typical casino promotion, and with this one we are literally doing it,”. What a whitty press release (*stares blankly, shakes head in dissaproval*). The promotion, which also allows the lucky player to except his or her winnings as just cash (so the promotion is basically just them giving away the money and suggesting that the winner get some work done), should draw some new blood into the casino. Who knows, maybe some of the Real Housewives of New Jersey will show up:

Jacqueline Laurita might want a new boob job…
Or maybe Teresa Guidice wants some Botox…

Or Mellisa Gorga want to get her breast implants re-done.

They better watch out though, the Jersey Shore girls might want in:

JWoww seems to keep getting boob-jobs…

and Sammi might want to go up a size and settle the dispute over whether or not she’s had her breast’s augmented.

It’s going to be a Jersey style showdown; you bring the Bon Jovi and house music, we’ll bring the denim and hair gel!