Monday, August 12, 2013

Sarah Palin Plastic Surgery Botox Injections Before and After, Cheek Implants and Facelift

Sarah and Willow Palin Read Some Celebrity Gossip

At the retail establishment with her second-oldest daughter Willow, Sarah decided to check out the latest edition of the National Enquirer as the paparazzi watched.
Despite sporting a remarkable, almost unrecognizably different-looking face since 2009, the Dancing With the Stars hopeful has denied plastic surgery in the past.

Regardless of whether she had work done, that's a scary cover. Sarah must be so proud of her little girl's inclusion on it, alongside her old foe Katie Couric.

Sarah Palin looks noticeably thinner & different in LA: is it just a weird outfit?
These are some new photos of former governor Sarah Palin and her daughter Willow in Studio City, California on Sunday. I looked through the photos yesterday, but I couldn’t work up the courage to really write anything about them. My first reaction was actually “Did Sarah Palin get a really bad makeover?” Despite my disagreements with her politics (and I’m studiously attempting to only discuss the superficial here, so play along), I consider Palin an attractive woman, but whatever is going on in these photos is not good. Those highlights look awful. Her clothes look… cheap. And dear God, she’s lost a lot of weight, right? She always had a nice figure. Maybe it’s just the combination of slim-cut jeans and those horrible wedges? She just seems drastically slimmer in these photos, thinner than I’ve ever seen her. What’s going on with her?

I’m assuming Sarah Palin and Willow were in California to support Bristol, who is on the current season of Dancing With the Stars. This photo agency, Fame/Flynet, must have followed Palin around the whole day, because they detail her movements precisely: “Former Governor Sarah Palin spent the day with her daughter Willow in Studio City, California on October 7, 2012. The two stopped in to get facials and manicures at a nail salon, shopped at Kmart and stopped for some lunch at KFC.” That sounds like a really good day except for the Kmart shopping. Surely Gov. Palin can make a go of it at Walmart…? And I would think that KFC would be a great way to ruin a manicure.

Incidentally, Bristol Palin recently commented on Julianne Moore’s Emmy-winning performance as Sarah Palin in the Emmy-winning HBO movie Game Change. Bristol said, “I don’t think she’s a good interpreter of my mom. I think my mom’s way hotter than that. She doesn’t have that accent. It’s all kind of silly. My mom’s awesome.” Far be it from me to tell the Palins their business, but I kind of think they should thank Julianne Moore for bringing some genuine pathos, intelligence, nuance and heart to the “inside story” of the 2008 election. But whatever, it doesn’t really matter.

Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin’s mother might have plastic surgery in order to rejuvenate her look. As we can see in her recent appearance. She looked amazingly refresh. She looked like 15 years younger than her age. The 49 years old mother had impressed many people for the way she kept her look. What kinds of possible plastic surgery she did? A medical adviser, Dr. Nail Sadick explained that Sarah might have botox in some area of her body including forehead, around her eyes and the neck. Beside that, she also possibly have cheek implants and a facelift too.
Sarah Palin Plastic Surgery Sarah Palin Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

As Dr. Nail said, some area on her face looked refresh. The botox injected on her face looked successfully made her face wrinkle-less. We didn’t find any wrinkles on her forehead and other area looked so youthful. To avoid the sagging skin for getting older, Sarah Palin also might have a facelift. That procedure tighten the facial skin nicely without overdoing it.

And the last possible procedure is the cheek implant. Her cheek looked so plumply nowadays, this could be cheek implants effect. Overall she did a great job. Especially the plastic surgeon she hired, the one who did amazing technique that made she looks a lot younger than what you thought.  Sarah Palin case is one of the best successful plastic surgeries.

Sarah Palin Plastic Surgery: Did She or Didn't She?

Is Botox part of her stimulus package?
Sarah Palin is promoting much more than her new best seller book, Going Rogue. This week, ladies — take a look at her refreshed new face. At age 45, Sarah could easily be mistaken for a very young 35. Could this be due to better rest — no more John McCain! — or one or more procedures she’s had done since giving up her governorship?
You betcha — so say several skin care docs. Though not extensive, Sarah, like many busy women over 40, may have gone for some less, non-invasive practices.

“Sarah might have had Botox around and in-between her eyes, forehead, lower third of her face, and the neck,” says Dr. Neil Sadick, Medical Advisor for Christian Dior Beauty. He also suggests that Sarah could have used a simple laser, such as Fraxel or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) “to change skin color and make the surface more even.”

Sarah Palin probably had Botox to her crows feet, frown lines, and possibly brows as well, ” agrees Dr. Steven Pearlman, past president of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS). “She went to someone good who is very skilled in Botox. She looks very natural, but without lines, and maintains a bit of movement when she is making expressions, unlike half of Hollywood.”

The only area that Sarah still needs to focus on a little bit more is her neck.  Says Dr. Pearlman: “She has platysmal banding [horizontal lines in the skin on the neck], something that happens with age, so she should have her neck done too.”  This last minor ajustment should totally help Sarah maintain the prior beauty pageant glamour.

Age-wise, it’s also probably good that Sarah Palin has taken a step back from politics. “If she had stayed in politics, it probably would have caused her to prematurely age. The life of being in the spotlight of politics, especially under scrutiny, is very harsh. You saw it with George Bush, and I am starting to see more gray hairs on Barack Obama every day,” says Dr. Jennifer Walden, Manhattan Plastic Surgeon.