Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sela Ward Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injections and Facelift

Sela Ward is currently 56 years old, but she still looked 20 years younger. How could she keep it young and fresh? What had she done to keep staying young in her half century age? She had successfully done with plastic surgery, for the result is perfect.
What kind of plastic surgery she had?

When we look at the Sela Ward, the woman who is famous for taking a role in “CSI: New York”. We could guess what she did. She might have gone under the needle, by injecting Botox in some parts of face. See, in her forehead we won’t find any wrinkles left, for it has been removed. The botox injected includes forehead, brow, and a few in the crow’s feet around her eyes. The result looked naturally great.

After being confirmed whether she had a botox treatment or not, she explained that she loves botox, and she loves to have it. Overall she did it greatly. She didn’t overdo with it. She is quite wise to use the botox as she needed only. Just wait whether she loved to do another plastic surgery or not.

Sela Ward has gone on the record as a user and a great lover of botox for its ability to relax the face and remove wrinkles:
“When you start to look so much more tired than you feel, I don’t like that,” the actress said, referring to her look before she began to take some bigger steps in clearing up her wrinkles than just applying more makeup.

Sela Ward's views seem to reflect that, because we have the technology and the medical knowledge there’s no reason to be unsatisfied with the way you look, especially if you can afford to change it.

Of course, Sela Ward is still in the dabbling stages of cosmetic surgery, perhaps out of a fear of becoming a victim of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong and what that can do not only to one’s career but to that person’s appearance.
Sela Ward has, for the time being, stuck with smaller, safer procedures and has compensated for the rest with good makeup, great fashion sense and presumably a lot of attention paid to diet and exercise when she’s off set and keeping herself ready for work.

She is presumably referring to her current routines of smaller procedures that don’t require actual surgery.

While it’s pretty clear that Sela’s had botox injections on her brow, and restylane at the corners of her mouth, she still boasts a lot of features that clearly haven’t been fixed or altered. One is her nose, which has been broken twice and is a prominent part of her face that’s clearly still all natural despite the painful way that it got there.

Add to all of the still untouched parts of Sela Ward’s face and body her statements that she’s scared about getting bigger plastic surgery procedures, and we can all be pretty sure that she hasn’t gone all the way under the knife just yet.

However, in Sela Ward s own words, it will just be a matter of time until either she works up the courage or she finds something she’s unsatisfied with that she can’t fix any other way.

Old and beautiful, but still fresh, make Sela Ward always close to the plastic surgery rumors. Sela Ward was born in America on July 11, 1956. She is an American actress who came from Meridian, Mississippi. But at her age right now, she shows no aging on her face. Her skin can be said is too tight for her age, especially on her face that shows no aging and wrinkle. With those achievements, it is no doubt that there are rumors about plastic surgery hit her.
To having plastic surgery for their body to keep their performances and their career are not a secret in actresses’ world. And Sela Ward is one of whom who rumored to under the knife. The rumor said that Sela Ward had plastic surgery.

The parts of her body that rumored has plastic surgery by media and fans are her forehead, between her eyebrows, and around her eyes, she rumored had a Botox injections for those parts.

Sela Ward Facelift
As you can see on the pictures, it is obvious we can see the differences when compare the old photos to the updated photos of Sela Ward. It is strange when someone reached her 56 age and shows no aging and wrinkle on her face, unless if she had plastic surgery or other injections.

But there is no interview that clearly shows that Sela Ward did plastic surgery, may be since plastic surgery is taboo words for celebs because it makes them look unnatural, and have fake body.

But at least Sela Ward reported admitted to have dabbling cosmetic procedure to her appearance. But whatever her statement about plastic surgery, do you still call her beautiful?