Friday, August 16, 2013

Sara Jean Underwood Nose Job and Breast Implants Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sara Jean Underwood had plastic surgery to get a better look. But it didn’t work well. If you check the pictures of her before and after, you can see that there is some changes in her face. Her face look like she’s wearing a thin plastic mask.

Sara Jean Nose Jobs

Sara’s nose was not proportionate to her face. And she decided to change its appearance by nose job.
If you go through the old pictures, you can see that her nose was round shaped. But now, it is thin and narrow. It is because of the rhinoplasty she had done.

In my opinion she doesn’t really have to do a nose job. Her nose was good anyways. I don’t know why she had done so.

She changed the size of nostrils and the tip. And it turned to a longer one. Well, she is totally satisfied with her nose.

Did she had Breast Implants ?

When she appeared in Playboy, her breast size was a normal one(32B). Everyone thought that it would be because of small breast implants.

But now, her breast size increased. She upgraded her breast.  Sara is now 28 year old. Actually she looks better with the old breasts.But, Sara was not at all happy with the small sized bosoms. Her new breast enhancement is too large in size.

Implants increase her confidence level. Sara felt that her breasts were under developed or too small.  As a model and an actress, appearance matters a lot.

Celebrities will go under knives to look good. They doesn’t care about how much it costs or the risk of failures.

This rumor is likely a mushroom which is spreading so rapidly. Sara Underwood is being talked by people about the possibility whether she has undergone plastic surgery or not. The rumor says that Sara did at least rhinoplasty and breast implants surgeries.

What do you think? Is it true?

It is annoying when I should admit that Sara Underwood looks so beautiful in very natural way. From her photos year by year there is a different in her tip nose. If she did it, it is just so well done. She – and her surgeon of course – did it perfectly. The changes just a very little and subtle, even we can’t examine it when we just seeing her photos at glance. Appearing at Playboy for the first time, she has normal size for her breasts, 32B and now when she is going older, is it means her breasts are also boosted?

Her appearing in some chances show of her growing breasts. It is bigger now, and again, beautiful. If it is the result of breast augmentation surgeries I may say that she is good. The surgeries are pretty success and she looks wonderful in it. Well, it is different from other plastic surgeries that show off the completion and perfection, everything in Sara are look so natural. Her nose and her breasts are appropriate and appropriately. Could it be she is ready to re-start her debut in adult magazine again?

Sara Underwood Rhinoplasty

Sara Underwood always avoids talking about this topic, so we can’t really certain that she really did rhinoplasty and breasts augmentation. However, photos are not the only one proof. Differences can be from the person itself or from the process of taking pictures. Make up, dress, or gaining weight can be the reasonable reason for Sara Underwood plastic surgeries rumors.

When Sara Jean Underwood first appeared in Playboy, many thought that the Oregon native was an unusual pick because her breasts appeared to be natural or the result of small breast implants. Now it looks like Sara may have upgraded her implants.

Sara Jean Underwood has become a favorite Playmate thanks to her girl next door looks and smokin’ hot bod. Although Sara once seemed to be all natural or curvy with the help of only small implants, it seems that the television show host has upgraded her breast implants to a larger size.

Pre-augmentation, Sara Jean’s official cup size was 32B (Sara Jean Underwood’s breast augmentation), which is small for a traditional Playmate.