Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sam Trammell Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Sam Trammell Talks 'True Blood' Season 6 Cliffhanger With Eric

It’s time to take five minutes out of your day to make a very important decision – who should be heat magazine’s Torso Of The Week? For fans of tan there’s rugby playing Strictly Come Dancing star Gavin Henson. If you want to get another look at those guns then vote Gav. And up against Gavin, for fans of the supernatural, we’ve got True Blood star Sam Trammell. We’d happily look at either of these handsome chaps with his top off, but only one can win. So vote now, and we’ll put your winner in heat.

Spoilers ahead. "True Blood" star Sam Trammell chatted with Vulture about the Sam-Nicole backlash, his character's condom fail, and how he's going to petition showrunner Brian Buckner to get Eric back on the show.

One of the questions left from the finale is whether or not Eric is dead. You probably can't say, and you may not even know, but people do not want Eric to be dead.
I don't want Eric to be dead! But I honestly don't know how that works itself out there. I don't know what happens next with him. It's good that he's near water, even if it's frozen water. That seems to be a safer place than somewhere you couldn't put it out. It seems like it could go either way