Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Selena Gomez Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants and Lips Injections

It takes the word of a doctor who has never met let alone treated Gomez, yet confidently asserts in the magazine that the actress has “enhanced her assets.”
Selena Gomez Had Breast Implants

In Touch, which once falsely claimed that Rihanna had a boob job, further quotes the physician as saying, “It looks like Selena has breast implants.”

The doctor adds, “She has way too much upper fullness for that to be natural.”

Actually, the only thing that’s fake is the In Touch report.

Gossip Cop reached out to a source close to Gomez, who assures us, “The story is completely made up.”
Saying the name “Selena Gomez”, everyone admire her beauty. She looks so pretty, innocent, but sexy and attractive. Her beauty looks very natural and bright. Thus, it’s so amazing if someone have heard she had under some artificial methods for her appearance.

In spite of her pure beauty, there so many humors about her plastic surgery such as: breast implants, lip injections, nose job…

Selena Gomez Plastic breast implants before and after

Selena Gomez, this Disney starlet. did plastic surgery of breast implants, this is confirmed by the plastic surgeon. Look at the following “Selena Gomez before and after” picture, you can see her breast size changed a lot, seems doubled!
Some plastic surgeons said confidently that Selena “enhanced her assets.” There are some other plastic surgeons confirmed her plastic surgery as,

“It looks like Selena Gomez has breast implants, she has way too much upper fullness for that to be natural.” – says Dr. Thomas Sterry.

Selena Gomez lip injection before and after photo
Watch the following “Selena Gomez lip injection before and after“, you can clearly see her upper lips become fuller. But this might also be due to the smart makeup for her to get fuller lip right?

Selena Gomez’s lip injection was confirmed by a source close to Selena Gomez, who said Selena did do the lip injection.

Has she gone under the knife or not?

According to In Touch Weekly magazine, Disney starlet Selena Gomez might have some breast implants! And may be it’s the truth while her boobs look bigger than hers before.
The star has also received such criticism for her nose. It looks quite bulbous and wide. However, may be she don’t mind about and don’t get any public pressure. With her fame and ability of  her finance, it’s so easy to Selena Gomez for have a nose job to have a perfect nose. For many celebrities, any wrong as they thought, especially point view on face is needed to fix. But Selena Gomez may satisfied with her natural appearance and the way people look her. However, I don’t know for sure that whether she says no to a nose job or something else or not? In reality, in spite of having plastic surgery or not, Selena is actually a beautiful girl.

Non-stop at these humor, the star concerned other guess of plastic surgery.

A fan of Selena said “Recently I have seen her with fuller lips which is weird cause before she seem like she did not had it..”
 An other also shared the same idea “Uh oh... it looks like Selena Gomez had a little plastic surgery for her lips.  Before and after photos suggest she had lip fillers in increase the volume.  Is this star too young to start in the world of cosmetic surgery?  And when does it stop?  Does Justin approve of this????? Hmmmmm... Look at the difference in the size of Selena Gomez's lips”.

But other didn’t think that, and they thought the changes of Selena’s lip caused by difference factors, but not plastic surgery such as: lip plumper or other make up tricks...

“There are several things that can make someone’s lips appear to be bigger such as lip plumper, lip liner or even the film editor can edit the video and change a little bit on how that certain celebrity looks which is very easy for them to do. You also do have to remember that as people get older their looks to tend to change quite a bit and from looking at that photo of Selena Gomez she seems to be younger than her age at this moment. I don't find that Selena Gomez is the type of person that recommends on getting plastic surgery since she seems to be happy with the way that she looks. Even if Selena Gomez did get plastic surgery that is her decision and she got it for a reason”, a people told.

Looking at some pictures of Selena Gomez lip before and after, it’s not too difficulty to realize that her upper lips become fuller than before. In spite of the fact that, we can’t confirm it’s due to the smart makeup or not?

A close relation of Selena Gomez confirmed the Selena Gomez’s lip injection. But only Selena knows the truth clearly.