Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sarah Jessica Parker Nose Job Plastic Surgery Boob Job and Botox Before and After

It’s ridiculous to ask if “Sarah Jessica Parker did rhinoplasty”, or nose job plastic surgery? Sarah Jessica Parker has a very large nose, in fact after the nose job, her nose is still large, that’s might be the reason why there’re many people asking if she ever did nose job. But check the Sarah Jessica Parker Nose Job (rhinoplasty) before and after photos, and you can see her nose bridge is thinner and her nose a bit smaller than before.
This is from another angle of “Sarah Jessica Parker before and after nose job” , from these 2 pics you can see that she definately did that plastic surgery.

It’s rumored that Sarah Jessica Parker did boob job (breast implants), and seems her breast size really changed if you see the photo before! It can’t be that big due to some expensive supportive bras. It seems her breast size increases 1-2 cups due to plastic surgery, as you can see her not gaining much overall weight.

It’s also said Sarah Jessica Parker had a lot of botox injections to keep her young and anti-aging. It’s quite possible as Sarah so young compared with the other women of her age! And she seems to have so little wrinkles! (the following 2 pictures). Sarah refused that she ever did botox as she said,
    “I’ve had no Botox, no collagen, nothing. I have lines, but if some of my peers weren’t having things done, I wouldn’t think about it.”

Sarah Jessica Parker removed her mole (beauty mark)

Sarah Jessica Parker was known to remove her beauty moles, some people also called that her beauty mark.
In fact, Sarah Jessica Parker’s reason to remove the mole is unexpectedly simple:

    “It’s true. She did have it done,.. There was no reason for it, it wasn’t because she didn’t like her mole, and it wasn’t because of any medical reason, it was simply because she was in the mood to have it removed. That’s all.”  - Sarah Jessica Parker’s friend

Sarah Jessica Parker to fix her “zombie hands” by fat injections or Sculptra and Juvéderm fillers, or  IPL laser treatment
Recently Sarah Jessica Parker was reported to do plastic surgery” to fix her “zombie hands” according to Star magazine. This has been the common problem of the Hollywood actresses today.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s friends said she was freaking out of her zombie hands,

Sarah Jessica Parker Overdoing Plastic Surgery – Getting Her ‘Zombie Hands’ Fixed

You know the saying, your face may not show your age, but your hands always will. You don’t need to look further than Sarah Jessica Parker to see the truth in that. Actually, a better example would be Madonna, but the story’s about Sarah, so we’re sticking with her.
SJP has gotten plastic surgery for her face – nothing extreme, but procedures that have managed to slow down signs of aging. And it’s worked – while she’s not the most attractive actress by conventional Hollywood standards, she doesn’t look her 48 years.

Now, a new report from Star Magazine states that Sarah wants to get plastic surgery for her ‘zombie hands’. A source close to Sarah supposedly told Star, “Sarah didn’t realize how bad her hands were until a friend pointed them out. She’s been freaking out ever since and looking into procedures to make them look younger and less veiny. She’s even stopped having her nails done so less attention would be drawn to her hands.”

Sarah Jessica Parker Overdoing Plastic Surgery – Getting Her ‘Zombie Hands’ Fixed.
Of course, there’s a lot you can do to fix veiny and wrinkly hands, but I think the bigger issue at the center of this is why do people even care? Let the lady fix her hands if she wants to. At least she’s not like Madonna and wearing gloves to cover up her hands. If done in moderation, I don’t see how this would affect her or anyone else. Besides which, most celebrities don’t even care about their hands – their hands aren’t under constant scrutiny like their bodies and faces are. Everyone knows how old SJP is, and plasticizing her hands isn’t going to change that nor help her get more acting jobs.

The question is: "What plastic surgeon experts believe about Sarah Jessica Parker's nose job?"

Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn admits it is difficult to tell whether or not Parker has undergone plastic surgery to correct her nose, explaining: "This is a tough one. It looks like she may have had a rhinoplasty to thin her nose and make it more elegant, but when I've seen her over the last few years, her nose is pretty prominent. It is too "normal" looking to be a nice rhinoplasty result. There is a bulbous tip and a bump on the nose which would not likely be left after a good rhinoplasty."
Dr. Paul Nassif was quoted as saying: "As compared to a photo where she's a lot younger, it does appear that Sarah Jessica Parker's nose is a lot thinner now. It appears that her nostrils have been reduced and, as well as her tip, and her complete nasal width has been narrowed. Her nose looks natural at this point, and overall her rhinoplasty appears to look very good on her."

We should take into account that Sarah Jessica Parker embraced her inner Carrie Bradshaw and learned how to cleverly apply make-up to make her nose look smaller, thinner and less bulbous on her long face.