Thursday, November 28, 2013

Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery Breast Implants, Nose Job, Lip Augmentation and Botox Injections Before and After

Christina Aguilera was born in 1980 and famous for her melodious songs. She is a legendary star with appealing looks. Christina started her career as a singer and now she is one of the best songster with top class albums. Christina Aguilera had undergone four major surgical operations before the start of her career. Christina Aguilera plastic surgery includes her breast augmentation, lip augmentation, Rhinoplasty and cosmetic surgery. Though Christina Aguilera has not admitted about her treatment but viewers can detect many alarming changes in her physique as well as facial looks.

At the start of her career, she had  A cup breast size but within a few years it became C cup. Such visible change cannot be hidden from the close and deep eyes of cameras. Moreover, after delivering a baby, her breast size had grown to E cup that is marvelous. The most interesting fact is a sudden change in the size and shape of breast after some months of her delivery. No doubt, it can be the result of Christina Aguilera plastic surgery with silicon pad implantation.

Has Christina Been Under The Knife?

Many people believe Christina Aguilera has had four plastic surgery operations since she began her singing career. These include breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, lip augmentation and liposuction.  In common with other stars and celebrities, such as Leah Miller’s plastic surgery, many search the internet every day in an attempt to discover the truth.

You may not know that 1000s upon 1000s a day search for information about Kim Kardashian before & after surgery!

When her career took off in the 1990′s her breast size was an ‘A’ cup but later on became a ‘C’ cup. During her pregnancy of her son and after giving birth to him, her breast size grew to an ‘E’ cup. After a while, they went down in size and there was some speculation that she had the implants removed.

Some believe Christina Aguilera has also had rhinoplasty. In some pictures of years after she became famous, her nose appears to be thinner at the bottom and wider at the tip. The supposed nose job also makes her nostrils look more even.

Before and after surgery? Really? She also may have had lip augmentation or what others call botox injections. Her lips look fuller than they have in her earlier years as a singer. If she did have this done, it only made her lips look more natural instead of fake and too full like other celebrities.

Many fans also believe she had liposuction after the birth of her son. Since she gained weight from having her son, of course she would want to get back in shape so liposuction might have been the way to go for this celebrity.

If Christina did have celebrity surgery, it has made her look more natural.

Her breast size is bigger than it used to be when she first started out in her singing career. Her nose is thinner, she has lost 40 pounds after the birth of her son and her lips look fuller without looking like she had botox injections.

Since she has never confessed to having plastic surgery, we can only speculate as to the reasons why she might have. Maybe she thought her nose looked too thick before and her lips were not full enough.

Maybe she thought the weight gained from having her son would make her look bad since she is a big celebrity.

Since her breast size was small when she started her career, maybe she thought bigger breasts would make her look better.

All we can do is speculate whether she did or not have these cosmetic surgeries by looking at before and after the supposed plastic surgery and comparing the two differences (see also Scarlett Johansson).

It is discussed by the majority of people that Christina had treated her nose with a Rhinoplasty because her nose was not as thinner in the past few years as it is now. Definitely, she had taken Botox injections for her lip augmentation. Her lips are more glossy and plumpy now. It is good that Christina Aguilera plastic surgery and Botox injections have given positive effects. Her plastic surgery has not given her artificial looks. She looks young and fresh and weight loss can be one major reason of this sudden change. Figure and face look prominently get changed with the reduction of weight.

Christina Aguilera plastic surgery  is the topic of discussion among many media groups. Some are in the view that delivering a baby and reducing weight has made her more charming and effective but the other group do not admit it. They have bundles of pictures to prove their viewpoint that these alarming changes are only the result of plastic surgery. May be the size of her breast has been changed due to age factor or delivery but it can never effect on the shape of lips. May be she went for breast implantation to get attention of her audience. It is in fashion in Hollywood to attract the viewers by sexy lips and bigger breasts.