Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Botox Injections, Browlift Before and After

If the comic Carrot Top sees the before and soon after plastic surgery catastrophe photographs of him, he will be regretting his irrational decisions he has made over the past. It is simply because Carrot Top actual physical visual appearance has resulted from the consequence of numerous plastic surgery which turn out to be horrible and ending up like a catastrophe. The surgery approach in trying to enhance his looks is not holding that well against his own appearance after the surgery.

Has Carrot Top Had Surgery?

Though there have been many rumors on the internet, official information is incredibly hard to come by.
Due to this, there are many different opinions on the subject and even “before and after” photos (see above) showcasing how drastically altered his face has become.
Some people say that he is victim of too many plastic surgery operations and that his new appearance is freakish. Is he yet another case of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong?
Several rumored treatments that Carrot Top may or may not have received are Botox injections, brow lift surgery, and even laser resurfacing treatment.

The reason being that his facial structure has changed quite dramatically and he now features a completely different eyebrow structure as well as differences around the eyes.
Because of these radical changes Carrot Top has somewhat been lumped in with other speculated plastic surgery jobs such as Marlo Thomas and Barry Manilow.
In Carrot Top’s case he hasn’t made any serious public statements regarding his changes. Consequently this has fuelled many unsubstantiated rumors on the subject.

He has not denied about his plastic surgery but officially he has not admitted about any kind of injection or surgical treatment. His past and present looks can easily reveal the truth that he has experienced plastic surgery on his face. Different people have different opinions about his facial changes. Critics are in the view that he has given treatment of Botox injections, rhinoplasty and laser resurfacing. Mostly, people do not like his new plastic surgery as he is looking freaky and horrible. His new facial surgery has not made him more handsome and good looking. In fact, the outcome is contrary different as people are making negative comments on his new looks. Carrot Top Plastic surgery can be viewed easily by comparing his old and new pictures with prominent difference in his lips, jaws and cheeks.

Nobody knows the real cause behind such freaky facial changes as Carrot Top Plastic surgery is not discussed by him online. It is true that age factor can also bring some changes in the body parts. Therefore the lips, jaws and cheeks differences are not only the result of excessive plastic surgery but also due to growing age factor. One more point related to his unusual jaws and cheeks is concerned with the use of steroids. Carrot Top may be in habit of taking steroids because his slim figure is surprisingly changed into remarkable bodybuilding figure. It is also thought that steroids’ side effects may alter his cheeks and jaws.

Carrot Top plastic surgery may not be the only factor that has changed his face. It is true that growing age as well as use of steroids may impact on his face but nobody can deny that Carrot Tops did not undertake any kind of plastic surgery. In fact, he is a true example of a really bad surgery. Nonetheless, the media and his viewers have no way to approve it but they can judge the changes in his face by comparing his present and past pictures.