Thursday, November 21, 2013

Has Cheri Oteri had Platic Surgery Facelift, Chin Implants Before and After

An American comic actress probably can’t hide the sign of plastic surgery that obviously shown on her face. I don’t have any right to say Cheri Oteri plastic surgery looks good or not because those were depending on each person’s opinion. But by looking at how her appearance that bit youthful although she is already 50 make us believed that plastic surgery seems to help her much. Cheri Oteri who becoming one of the cast members of Saturday Night Live from 1995 to 2000 was known as a pretty woman with a lot of jokes and quite funny. People said despite funny and comics, she is also blessed with attractive looks. And now when she is getting older, Cheri Oteri not different with any other Hollywood celebrities that show plastic surgery sign. She was accused has Facelift, Blepharoplasty, nose job as well as chin implant too. Cheri Oteri may hasn’t admitted it but the sign of plastic surgery was obviously looking at her face.

Cheri Oteri who was born on 19th September 1962 is well recognized by worldwide as a comic actress. She got her popularity when she got roles as a Saturday Night Live cast member. She does not only spend her career being comic actress but she also ever appeared in numerous films. One of her best acting can be seen in Liar Liar in which she was portrayed as Jane. Even though she has apparently to be old woman but she still young for her golden age, 50 year-old age. For that reason why some people now begin to wonder and speculate that she has been under knife to alter her appearance.

Has Cheri Oteri Had Cosmetic Surgery?

No reports have indicated that Cheri Oteri has admitted to having plastic surgery but then again, she has not denied the rumors either.

After appearing on a few red carpets in 2009 looking noticeable “refreshed”, which is sometimes code for “work has been done”, the blogosphere erupted in searches for the actual plastic surgeries Oteri may have had done.

There are several noticeable differences in her face that prompted people to question some facial features that look a lot different now than say five or ten years ago.

It is alleged that she has had a facelift without surgery, an eyelift, a blepharophasty (eyelid surgery), conservative rhinoplasty, a chin implant, botox and facial fillers.

Again, Oteri has neither confirmed or denied any such plastic surgery. In Hollywood, cosmetic surgery is an all too common occurrence but many celebrities are still guarded about disclosing such information. It is like the last big taboo that everyone is doing or perhaps more accurately, hiding in plain sight.

What kind of plastic surgey Cheri Oteri done?

Facelift is the plastic surgery procedure that was taken by Cheri Oteri to keep youthful and ageless. It’s because as a woman in 50 her face looks tight and toned with bit elevated eyes from the Facelift done. The facelift helps Cheri Oteri smooth wrinkles and aging lines around her face. Despite she looks very youthful with Facelift, this procedure also makes Cheri Oteri facial skin looks very smooth and fresh.

It’s likely that Cheri Oteri had Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery a very long time ago. It’s because she has well known with her big eyes even though when Cheri Oteri was very young she has cramped and small eyes shape. Cheri Oteri has Blepharoplasty to make her eyes wider and bigger because she used known with baggy eyes that gave her tiring appearance. And it’s likely that Blepharoplasty still work well with Cheri Oteri even she is aged now.

Chin Implant
Having pronounced chin make people accused Cheri Oteri has a chin implant too when she was young. Her chin seems protruding, high and quite well defined. The chain that quite pronounced make Cheri Oteri has a sharp jaw line and sculptured facial shape. Her face becomes oval and defined creating more attractive looks on her face. Cheri Oteri also accused has laser treatment like Fraxel to rejuvenate her facial skin.

Cheri Oteri facial skins
showing a lot of signs of plastic surgery that probably hard to hide anymore. But I think she looks good with this condition and make Cheri Oteri  still dazzling even though she is already 50 years old now.

Based on Cheri Oteri before and after plastic surgery pictures comparison, she likely had some works done on her face and other parts of body. They are included eyelids surgery, facelift, Rhytidectomy, nose job, Chin augmentation, and Botox. The signs of her rhinoplasty project can be seen through her latest nose appearance which looks thinner than before in which she looks like to have wide and bulbous nose curve. While we can see Oteri’s chin implant sign through her much more defined than her old chin which looked rounded. And the last but not least her tightened face skin made us believe that she had facelift procedure done on her face.

However, when those rumors were confirmed to the Saturday Night Live cast member star, Cheri Oteri, she did neither deny nor admit those rumors. Hence her surgical procedures rumors are always spreading out among her fans even now they are still unconfirmed by her. Furthermore, if we look at her picture comparison she possibly had Botox injection as well which can be seen through her forehead appearance that does not reflect any aging signs as like wrinkles and sagging skin. For having such cosmetic procedures made her appearance look younger than ordinary women face whose the same age with her although her appearance look a little bit unnatural.