Monday, November 11, 2013

Carla Bruni Plastic Surgery Botox and Facelift Before and After Photos

Fail! that is the word that a lot of people address to Carla Bruni’s current look. She herself was known as an Italian-french singer who had ever tried her ability in modelling world, she also work as a song-writer too. Unfortunately, her career should be disturbed with her current look. The strong change of her appearance  is caused by her activity in plastic surgery. She might include in one of the worst plastic surgery ever in the world. Therefore people thought that she got a terrible plastic surgery. She looked like a ghost.

Too much Botox? Carla Bruni is 'barely recognisable as the glamorous woman who married Sarkozy four years ago'
Four years as France’s first lady looked to have taken their toll on Carla Bruni yesterday as she voted in presidential elections which are on course to bring them to an end.

Just before exit polls predicted that her husband, Nicolas Sarkozy, would suffer a humiliating defeat, Carla ticked her ballot paper close to her home in Paris’s 16th arrondissement.

Many suggested that too much Botox and other surgical procedures had transformed her fresh good-looks into something a lot stranger.

‘She looks like the Bride of Wildenstein,’ said one onlooker, referring to former millionaire art dealer’s wife Jocelyn Wildenstein who severely altered her face through cosmetic procedures intended to make her look younger.

Carla Bruni is barely recognisable as the glamorous young woman who married Sarkozy in 2008. She looks extremely tired and as if she’s been trying too hard to hold back the years.’

In January, it was claimed a leading American dermatologist said Carla has had so much Botox she 'looks like a chipmunk'

The strongest speculation told that she played with too much botox injected in her face. There are three points where she did the botox injection around the brows, the eyes and cheeks. As we can see in the previous face, she looked so natural without any botox or plastic surgery. And from time to time, the change appeared and in the newest picture, her face completely change.

The newest look of hers seems too bright nearly like a dead body color. Around the eyes, cheek and brow, it looked so Puffy and plump, her eyes looked narrower like a cat-eyes. She might have sunk with all the botox, she doesn’t look normal anymore. Unfortunately, this is a terrible news. She should stop doing this to avoid further effect

Carla Bruni plastic surgery – how well did it go?

Recently people started speculating about possible Carla Bruni plastic surgery. The main reason for these suspicions was the fact that the singer is almost in her 50s, but her face doesn’t seem to show any kind of aging. Carla Bruni is a popular singer and song writer who has many fans all over the world. She is also known as a wife of the President of French republic Nicolas Sarkozy.

Most of the rumors about Carla Bruni plastic surgery are concentrated on her facial appearance. If we look at some of the photo comparisons, we can see visible differences in how her face looked earlier and now. People have noticed that the shape of her nose seems to have changed a little which can mean that she has gotten a rhinoplasty procedure. Another thing that causes suspicion is that Carla’s face looks tighter and in some places it appears fuller. This can mean that she has been using Botox or other similar inject able substances to reduce the wrinkles and the tightness on the face indicates possible face lift procedures. Some people have also speculated about possible cheek implants or fillers because Carla’s cheeks look a lot fuller than they did in her youth.