Monday, November 11, 2013

Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery Breast Implants, Nose Jobs and Botox Injections Before and After

Cameron Diaz has a new look recently. This has been discussed in many forums talking about the possiblity of using a plastic surgery. did the 40 years actress do it?  The strong speculation told that she might have a botox treatment in making her look so smooth, shiny and youthful instead.

While Cameron Diaz told the surgery was for medical reasons, many celebrity watchers and celebrity gossip websites believe that it was not only for medical, but also cosmetic enhancement.

Cameron Diaz is not the only one of Hollywood celebrities who had a nose job for medical reason. Jennifer Aniston and Ashley Tisdale also have admitted to have had a rhinoplasty to repair the deviated septum.

In addition to having a nose job, she was also rumored to have a deal with Botox or fillers. If we are judging her recent photos, it is obvious her face looks fresher, smoother and shinier than before. It indicates that Botox or fillers play important role to create such stunning look.

Additionally, Cameron’s face looks fuller and puffier than ever which could be as the result of filler injection. Well, it is no doubt if filler can effectively reduce the wrinkles, but when it is overused, it can give you such bloated puffy face and chipmunk cheeks. In Cameron’s case, it is still hard to tell whether her fuller face is the result of filler or weight gain.

What kinds of plastic surgery she had a long her carer?

Nose Jobs (Rhinoplasty).
Previously, other two plastic news had ever appeared disturbing her life including a breast augmentation and a nose job. It told that she had gone under the knife in order to make her breast more nutritious. That means she got a breast augmentation to enhance the size of her breast. The rumor was supported with the photos spread, the breast of hers is bigger than the previous one. Dr Anthony Youn told that he believe that Cameron Diaz had had a breast augmentation by using a small silicone implants. besides, her nose was also re fixed in 2006.

Cameron Diaz Breast Implants & Botox Fillers

Not what you expected, huh? There is definitely an increase in her cup size. If it’s not plastic surgery, it could only mean a selective tumor. Although that makes us wonder on things like, being there at “right time and right place”. And we thought she was proud of being flat-chested!

Maybe Cameron Diaz stuck to her word. Maybe she didn’t subject herself under the knife on “other places”, but unmistakable evidences like super smooth ans shiny skin in her early forties says otherwise. Some bits of Botox won’t hurt, just like some stubborn blemishes which stays. But too much of it is a bad, bad idea! Bet she didn’t see it coming when she supposedly kept plastic surgery at bay and opted chemical injections close to heart (or face).

Cameron Diaz Says No More Plastic Surgery

"I had the good fortune of becoming famous once I had already lived a life, traveled a lot, stood in line, had to ask people to help me, had to find a way to make something work, pay the rent, scrape by," she tells the magazine. "I used to do $4 a day with a girlfriend. We would get two tacos and split a Coke."

Cameron Diaz, the blue-eyed beautiful blonde who kept an open diary on her plastic surgery like rhinoplasty (for medical reasons, she said) was looked upon with favorable eyes of fans. But how open was her openness? Lets go back a bit.

When asked her opinion about undergoing plastic surgery, she said, “I’m not comfortable with the idea of cutting myself up. I hope I never become that vain. I will never get breast implants… I’m happy with the way I look.”