Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants, Botox Injections and Facial Filler

Christie Brinkley nowadays looks continually young. Her youthful skin at the age of 59 year looks a bit strange as a natural thing. The former super model was rumored to have had some plastic surgeries. Christie possibly had eyelid surgery, botox and a chemical peel. Dr. Anthony Youn said that Christie nowadays looks as young as she used to in the 1980s.

Has Christie Brinkley Had Surgery?
While she might have been eclipsed temporarily by Lady Gaga’s gossip or Angelina Jolie’s rumors, Brinkley has been a favorite target for plastic surgery celebrity speculations.

While Christie Brinkley has been quoted in public as saying that she doesn’t rule out plastic surgery as an option, she has alluded that she’s “just too chicken,” or at least she was at the time she said it.

While she hasn’t become a victim of bad celebrity plastic surgery, not like Mickey Rourke or Michael Jackson had anyway, people expect to see certain signs of aging, even when you’re a blond bombshell.

And of course when people don’t see crow’s feet or laugh lines, and your skin remains taught and wrinkle free, that’s when the rumor mills start spinning.

However Christie Brinkley hasn’t said yay or nay to whether or not she went under the knife, so all we have is supposed before and after pictures, supported by the opinions of fans and doctors who like to weigh in on the plastic surgery guessing game.

Doctor who did Christie Brinkley’s plastic surgery

As it is true or not, people believes that the plastic surgery gives Christie Brinkley such type of beauty. She has been conducted breast implant, facial filler, Blepharoplasty and Botox. But she did not cross the limit pf plastic surgery so that she looks so cute despite of her age. The plastic surgeon who had done all these things may be Dr. Norman Rowe at Lenox Hill hospital. Norman Rowe has the specialization in rhinoplasty procedures, breast procedures and revision procedures. But it is not able to know whether the news is true or just a rumor.

It is said that Christie Brinkley had the breast implant because she has a very small breast at her debut and now she has a bigger breast than her debut time. It is also said that she had undergone the blepharoplasty procedure to get rid of the crow’s feet under her eyes due to her aging. After that blepharoplasty procedure, her eyes look wider and bigger than normal and makes her look so young. To remain young all the time, Christie Brinkley may have the facelift and Botox regularly. She looks very good after her plastic surgery and she looks so youth and natural that makes her feel so young. She remains young after the plastic surgery because she did not overdo any treatment.

Christie Brinkley plastic surgery can be spotted out through comparing her old and new pictures. People have definitely noticed distinctive changes in her outlooks. People do not wonder about her plastic surgery but they are really astonished about her anti aging skin. She is getting younger day by day. Her skin is more fresh and shiny than before. It has been thought that she might be taking Botox injections; blepharoplasty and face lift to enhance her beauty.

Christie Brinkley plastic Surgery is still not confirmed and people are taking interests in such rumors. In reality, the face of Christie is not at all freaky and artificial. She has her innocent and natural looks like she had in past. Moreover, we can find out wrinkles around her mouth and eyes. It may be the result of face lift that her skin has become tighter and smoother. It is really difficult to confirm that she is taking any kind of Botox injections. Her face does not show any sign of injections. It can be due to her genes, regular exercise and healthy diet.

Christie Brinkley plastic Surgery has not been approved through any evidence. Her face looks a quite natural and make the people surprised her about her youthful appearance. Whatever is the cause of her beauty, all people are agree that she is strikingly beautiful woman the world.

What kind of plastic surgery Christie Brinkley has done?

Christie BrinkleyBlepharoplasty
Even though she was accused has multiple plastic surgery, it’s likely that Christie Brinkley is not overdone plastic surgery including this Blepharoplasty procedure. Its seems that Christie Brinkley got Blepharoplasty to abolish crows feet that appears around the eye area. Despite the Blepharoplasty also make Christie Brinkley eyes look bigger and wider without any baggy eyes that make her look much younger.

Christie Brinkley Breast Implant:
Like any other supermodel, Christie Brinkley also should keep her body shape curved and sexy. It’s probably been her reason to conduct breast implant years ago. It’s because at her first debut, people noticed she has a small breast even too cramped for the supermodel like her. But recently this woman has even bigger, tougher and up breast with more filled and juicy condition that possible from breast augmentation. However, Christie Brinkley dismisses this allegation by saying that she is cowardly and too scare to put herself under the knife for the breast implant.
Botox and Facial Filler
To keep ageless and remains young till today, media journalist guessing that Christie Brinkley got regular Botox and facial filler done.  Her face that looks much younger than her real age make people believe that Botox worked well in her face. Christie Brinkley has elastic skin that looks so smooth and toned without any wrinkles or frown that appears there. The crows feet around the eyes was disguised, the nasolabial folds seems looks smooth and the forehead looks bit elevated. Her lip looks fulled that probably from the filler injection result. Dr. Paul A. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, California agrees that Christy Brinkley looks great with plastic surgery. She looks very natural and not overdo so she is ageless and youthful now. A Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhaue and also added that it’s probably that Christy Brinkley also had laser treatment and chemical peel to enhance her Botox and facial filler. The result looks good but she should aware and not overdo it.