Monday, November 4, 2013

Calista Flockhart Plastic Surgery Nose Job and Lips Augmetation Before and After

A great example of this is Calista Flockhart, the actress famous for her role as Ally McBeal on the television program of the same name. She won a Golden Globe for her performance as a quirky lawyer on the show, and was immediately recognized for her naturally good looks. Instead of accepting her looks, Calista Flockhart later decided to change her face with a nose job and a lip augmentation.
Did Calista Flockhart have a nose job?

In 2008, there were rumors of a rhinoplasty, which may be borne out by photography. A blog purporting to reveal such mishaps, says that the skin is thinned, and “her resected greater alar cartilage on one side almost pokes through the tip“.

These are allegedly from a rhinoplasty. On another site, she is accused of having her lips augmented.

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Sometimes we don’t know why a celebrity who has a natural beauty would like to do a plastic surgery? Is this dissatisfaction? Calista Flockhart, known well as an actress of Ally McBeal, and got a Golden Globe award for this, was one of celebrities who has a natural beauty in America in the past. But she decided to go under the knife including lip augmentation and also a nose job.

The appearance of her lips post-surgery was very pleasing, and for the most part this was considered a successful procedure. The new, full shape of her lips looked great on her face, and did not change her look for the worse. Her pouty new mouth added something to her face, and therefore was not as heavily criticized as her impending nose job.

Also known as the wife of Harrison Ford, Calista’s nose in before and after photos appears drastically different. It seems her normal-sized nose was narrowed, and the shape altered. Many critics feel that her new nose no longer matched the shape of her mouth, and left her face looking misshapen. Making major changes to the nose can alter the look of a person’s face more than any other type of plastic surgery. It is risky at any time, let alone once already famous, to change your nose, as it is almost impossible for nobody to notice.

What kinds of plastic surgery she had then?

Many people said that she had a lip augmentation and a nose job too. She had a lip augmentation along her career where she had an aim to reshape her lips to become more suitable to her look, and the result of the lip augmentation seems done so well,. the new shape of her lips looked so great and match with her face.

Her nose also might have been done with a nose job too. The Harrison Ford’s wife had made a drastic change to her nose. The people can see that her current nose look narrower than the previous one.. for in the past, her nose was a bit wide. We also can compare the change from the photo. For some people nose and mouth is a bit related, the shape of a nose should be matched to the shape of the lip.

Calista actually had been naturally beautiful before plastic, and currently she had a really nice face. It seems what she is a good job. Is this dissatisfaction? I guessed people is able to guess the answer.