Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sergey Zverev Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox and Facelift

Sergey Zverev is a Russian hairstylist turned popstar that has transformed his looks via plastic surgery.
Just like Michael Jackson, Sergey Zverev has gone to extremes to transform his face into a very feminine looking man. He has had a very aggressive nose job (that turned out very poorly in my opinion), jaw work and the most ghastly lip implant that I have ever seen on a man. It also appears that he has had botox or even a full face lift (Sergey Zverev is in his mid-40′s) and god only knows what else.
He has had a botched nose job, jaw work and an awful lip implant. It also appears that he has had botox or even a full face lift.
Can anyone say that this is a man? Well, he definitely looks like a woman and, looking at before and after pictures of Sergey Zverev, you will say that his present face barely resembles his natural face from the past. Sergey leads a life of a scandalous Russian celebrity, and today with this enormous number of facial surgeries, including cheek implants, lip augmentation, nose job and many more, nobody actually remembers that he once was a famous hairdresser and stylist.