Monday, July 22, 2013

Sheyla Hershey Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants and Boob Jobs

Sheyla Hershey, the model who claims to have the world’s largest breasts, is now in a coma following a suicide attempt.  According to The Sun:

Brazilian Hershey, who lives in Houston, Texas, had her MMM-cup implants removed in September after getting an infection during an op to fit them.  She was due to have an op to return her to a size KKK today.
But the bipolar mum, who has been in therapy over her boob obsession, overdosed on Sunday – her second suicide bid in two months.  After her first attempt, she said: “Once I reclaim my identity as the World’s Biggest Boobs I can be a better role model for my daughter.

“I feel so ugly without my breasts. Without them, I don’t know who I am.”

Wow.  She obviously has major psychiatric problems.  I hope she gets through all right and both she and her family get some effective therapy.

Sheyla Hershey Breast Implant Complications

Sheyla Hershey is a Brazilian born, Houston resident, who is most famous for the size of her breasts. She made national headlines early in 2009, when she wanted to increase her bust from 38FFF to 38KKK and ran into a Texas sized roadblock. Apparently, “Everything is bigger in Texas,” has its limits when it comes to breast implants. Unable to have larger implants placed in Texas, she returned to her native Brazil for the surgery.
Sheyla Hershey is again making headlines. Sadly, this time it is for complications of her breast augmentation. Earlier this summer she developed an infection around her implants, necessitating their temporary removal. On her blog this morning, Sheyla shares that she is doing well at home recovering from her surgery last Thursday. She also plans to have her implants replaced. This is usually done after the infection has cleared and the injury has healed — three to six months after surgery, and sometimes longer.

Breast Implant Infection
Breast implant infections are one of the complications covered on all breast augmentation informed consent forms. While rare, infections after breast augmentation can occur. Most are superficial infections that clear with oral antibiotics; however, deep infections can also occur. These are more serious and may require intravenous antibiotics and even hospitalization. When the infection is deep, around the implant, sometimes the only way to clear the infection is to remove the breast implants and leave them out for several months while the body heals.

Bigger is not always better. Larger breast implants put more strain on the body’s systems. The stretch and compression of a large breast implant decreases the circulation in the surrounding soft tissues. Less circulation means decreased oxygen delivered, fewer white blood cells, and lower levels of antibiotic delivery to the breasts. Larger implants also create a larger potential space in which the bacteria, usually staph, can hide. All these factors make it harder for the infection to clear.
Breast implant infections are much more common after breast reconstruction than after cosmetic breast augmentation. The additional insult to circulation that results from the mastectomy is just one contributing factor. Tissue expansion is often used to stretch the skin which remains on the chest. This is done to compensate for the skin removed during the mastectomy. Chemotherapy reduces the bodies ability to fight infections, though this is usually temporary. Radiation causes injury to the skin and chest wall. One effect is scarring of the blood vessels. This causes a long term decrease in circulation that gets worse with time.

Implants which are placed behind the muscle have better protection from infection. The circulation in the muscle is a major contributor. Unlike the breast gland proper, the space behind the muscle is sterile. The breast is a gland, and is open to the outside world at the nipple. This increases the likelihood of bacteria being under the skin, and closer to breast implants placed in front of the muscle. This leads to a slightly increase the risk of infection when breast implants are not behind the muscle.

What are the Chances of Breast Implant Infections?

Infections can occur any time the skin is cut. Most surgical infections appear within a few days to weeks after an operation. The risks of getting an infection after any “clean” surgery, like breast augmentation surgery, is 1%. If you have an infection anywhere in your body at the time of surgery, your risk of a breast implant infection will dramatically increase. This is one reason I sometimes have to postpone elective cosmetic surgery. It is better to be inconvenienced than to take the risk of getting a postoperative infection and losing your breast implants.

For cosmetic breast augmentation, infection is rarely the reason breast implants are removed. For all implants removed within ten years of breast augmentation surgery, infection was the reason in only 2% of cases. The most common reasons breast implants are removed are the desire to change the breast implant’s size (usually larger), deflation of the breast implant or capsular contracture.

For breast reconstruction, the chances of infection are increased 2 to 4 fold. While breast reconstruction is similar to cosmetic breast augmentation, the patients and their breasts are different. For all implants removed within ten years of breast reconstruction surgery, infection was the reason in 12% of cases. For breast reconstruction, placing the implant behind the muscle has been shown to prevent complications.

While no one likes dwelling on everything that can go wrong in life, if you are considering elective cosmetic surgery, like breast augmentation surgery, it is important to review the risks and well as the benefits. While complications like infection are rare, remember, the more the limits are pushed, the greater the risk.

Deranged gigantic breast “enthusiast”, Sheyla Hershey, is at it again. Sheyla’s ridiculously large breast implants had to be removed in 2010, following a life-threatening infection that set in after her 30th breast enlargement surgery. So what did Sheyla do? She lied to her family and snuck off to Mexico to have the breast implants that nearly killed her put back in.

Sheyla Hershey's Reinflated Breast Implants

Sheyla Hershey ignored the recommendation of her doctors, psychiatrists and the wishes of her husband and recently had yet another breast enlargement surgery in Cancun, Mexico. Sheyla now boasts 4,300 cc’s of saline, that has brought her back up to a 38KKK bra size. (500 cc’s will bring most women up to a C-cup, if that helps grasp just how over-inflated Sheyla is.) Sheyla plans on returning to Mexico in the new year to have her breast implants further inflated in hopes of increasing her bust size to 38MMM.

Sheyla before and after 31 breast enlargement surgeries:

Sheyla has been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and attempted suicide after the doctors had to remove her breast implants. But nothing will stand between Sheyla and her obsession with her gigantic boobs. Not her health, professional opinions or her husbands concern for the example she is setting for their 2-year old daughter. According to Sheyla:

“He doesn’t want me to keep on having these operations and he says that every time I go he thinks I might not come back alive. My husband worried I wouldn’t come back alive, but I just wanted to have my breasts again. Derek says he doesn’t want me to look like a porn star and tells me that I have a daughter now. He says, ‘how do you think your little girl will look at you and your breasts?’ I tell him that she loves them and that I am a good mother.”

Sheyla Hershey’s Boob Obsession Almost Killed Her

Sheyla Hershey…I don’t even now how to describe this hot mess. She claims to be a model, but in reality she is just a housewife in Texas that fulfills her need for attention by getting porn star sized breast implants. Most of her “modeling” pictures are pictures she has taken of herself in her bathroom, with a point and shoot camera. Classy.

Sheyla Hershey is 30 years old and has had TEN breast enlargement surgeries. She has to fly to Brazil to get her boob job fix, because the United States does not allow plastic surgeons to inject more then one gallon of silicon into breast implants. The Brazilian version of Guinness Book of World Records awarded Sheyla with the record for the largest breast implants after she increased her cup size to 38KKK. But, Sheyla apparently thought her breasts were still too small and decided to undergo yet ANOTHER breast enlargement surgery in July 2010. This most recent surgery did not go so well and Sheyla contracted a staph infection (which can be fatal). Sheyla is currently in a Houston hospital, were surgeons have removed her gigantic breast implants in an attempt to stop the infection. There is a possibility that Sheyla will still have to have one, or both, of her breasts removed in an attempt to save her life.

Sheyla Would Rather Be Dead, Than Without Huge

Sheyla Hershey had to have her gigantic triple-M breast implants removed last year after a staph infection nearly took her life, following yet another breast enlargement surgery.

At 30 years old, Sheyla has racked up over 30 plastic surgeries including at least 10 breast enlargements. Now, she is racking up suicide attempts because she feels “so ugly without my breasts. Without them, I don’t know who I am.”