Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Shannon Tweed Plastic Surgery Facelift Before and After

Shannon Lee Tweed is one of the most successful actress and model from Canada. She was also known for her erotic performance in media including adult magazine, etc. The sexy model was rumored to have a facelift together with his husband, Gene Simmons, the vocalist of Kiss. Many people discussing in the forums told that her new appearance after facelift is good, but they love her before plastic surgery.
Did it go wrong?

As many people have discussed that the result of the facelift she has was not the wrong one. Actually, they didn’t understand why they want to try that thing when the result is not as good as they expected to.

The hot model that was born on March 10 1957 in Canada with her husband decided to do a facelift, the reason might be to remove wrinkles and refresh their look.  But it didn’t run well because of the sagging skin appeared that make them looked older, not younger than what they want to. They might be disappointed in doing this, but then they tried to correct her look again with the second facelift, and they could see their look a bit younger.

Unfortunately, those plastic surgery results were still a bit older than their look before plastic surgery. In this case, Shannon and her husband did unnecessary plastic surgery, now, when they had a new face, they know that they will bit regret for what they have done.
Shannon Tweed Should Never Had Gotten a Facelift

Last year Shannon Tweed and Gene Simmons underwent his & hers facelifts and I just happened upon some recent photos of the two. I think their facelifts look horrible!

Both of them looked MUCH better before their plastic surgeon pulled their faces too tight across their skulls. In my opinion, both of them look much older after the facelifts and now they have that “obviously had plastic surgery” look to them. Yuck.

Oh well, at least they screwed up their faces together, right? I do think Gene and Shannon are a cute couple. Here is a picture of them from 1991.

We might have been familiar with Shannon Tweed, she is best known as the former of Playboy model and expanded her career as actress. The latest news revealed that she had plastic surgery to keep her young and sexy image as she had when she was young.

Shannon Tweed’s age now is rough more than 56 years old but her appearance looks free from aging signs as like wrinkling, sagging skin, and crow’s feet line. Therefore, some people believed that she must have some works done on her face with the result that she appears to be younger than other women in her age.

According to Dr. Frank Ryan who was believed as the surgeon for her plastic surgery revealed that she had some surgery procedures including facelift and a lower eyelid surgery. The surgeon also told the cost of Shannon Tweed plastic surgery was for about $40.000.

When those plastic surgery procedures were confirmed to Shannon Tweed, she strongly admitted that she and her husband have been under knife to improve and maintain their youthful appearance. However, her cosmetic procedures results did not likely meet her expectation because she did not feel comfortable and happy after having some jobs done on her face. Based on the pictures comparison, some celebrity watchers claimed that she looks more beautiful before she had some procedures of plastic surgery done on her face. After having such surgery procedures, her appearance looks unnatural with much more tightened face skin. It is mostly different to what her husband got, he felt satisfied with the result of his aesthetic surgery. Although Tweed’s appearance looks unnatural but over all she still looks great in her old age.
Additionally, some people assessed that Shannon Tweed plastic surgery is not likely the best example of successful celebrity plastic surgery. They considered that her surgical procedures just made her look fake and unnatural. They even compared with her appearance in the past in which she is much more beautiful before she got any kinds of cosmetic surgery done on her face.

Double Facelift

Media journalist only reported about double facelift that was taken by Shannon Tweed by undergoing plastic surgery. But it’s not common facelift because she was conducted double facelift at a time. It was reported that Shannon Tweed spent almost $40.000 and the doctor’s conduct double facelift surgery for her and husband until 11 hours non stop. You may use Google to search for their pictures that was leaked on the internet and showing how horrible double facelift surgery that was conducted by Shannon Tweed and her husband. There you will see Shannon Tweed painful face that swollen and has a rash everywhere. Although she has recovered now, but it’s hard to erase that horrible pictures from our mind. It’s true that now Shanon Tweed face looks so tight and toned with bit elevated forehead and lifted eyes as indication of double facelift procedures. And, it seems that those painful and expensive plastic surgery for the double facelift worth to Shannon Tweed since she looks younger when appears on her family reality television show on A&E entitled Gene Simmons Family Jewels.
Shannon Tweed is controversial  and sensational since she is very young, but I should admits she is tough woman since could face double facelift procedure. But she should stop her addiction to plastic surgery since knowing how painful the effects that was coming from double facelift that was taken by her. But well I think Shannon Tweed still want to try other procedures again in the future.