Monday, July 1, 2013

Steffi Graf Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job or Rhinoplasty

Has Steffi Graf had a rhinoplasty? I’ve been watching her husband, Andre Agassi, and his last run at a major title this past week. It was sad to see him retire, as he was the last of his era of great American tennis players (with Pete Sampras, Jim Courier, Michael Chang, Brad Gilbert, and even Todd Martin). Andre has always been my tennis role model, from his days as the long-haired, acid-washed jean short wearing young punk to his latter years as an elder statesman of the game. He brought more color to the game of tennis than just about anyone else before or after him (including Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe).
That brings us to Steffi. She looks fantastic. Has she had her nose done? I do believe so. Her nose does not appear as prominent as it used to be, and no longer seems to overtake the other, more attractive features of her face. It appears to be thinned out a bit and possibly shorter as well. A good rhinoplasty takes the emphasis of the nose away from the face, allowing other features to stand out. I wish them both the best in retirement. I hope that Andre’s back gets better and he joins the “older guys” circuit someday as I’d like to see him play again.

German tennis ace Steffi Graf was undoubtedly a very legendry player, but this could not stop her being the subject of the plastic surgery rumor. She is rumored to have had a nose job. Whether the reports are true or wrong, it does not matter because she has already become the center of the plastic surgery rumors after these reports. Now, the media sources will remain saying the same thing about her always. Some of the experts though do believe that she really has had nose job, because they can see some difference in the shape of her previous and recent nose. Some others say that this minor difference can also be naturally as well, so they are not confirmed if she really had a nose job.
Dr. Anthony Youn says that he has noticed significant change in the shape of the nose of the star and because of this difference; he can say that she really has had nose job after the birth of her child. The mommy shows no other signs of plastic surgery except this one, including the Botox. She still looks young and active and does not need to have any other procedure either for her body or face.

Stefanie Graf is the former World’s No. 1 tennis player who has won as many has 22 Grand Slam singles titles. She was born in June 14, 1969, in Mannheim, West Germany. She is married to American former tennis player Andre Agassi and has two children. Her first child was born after just four days of her marriage with Agassi.