Thursday, July 18, 2013

Smokey Robison Plastic Surgery Before and After Browlift and Facelift

Did Smokey Robinson Get a Facelift?
Several sources are claiming that Smokey Robinson (who recorded 37 Top 40 hits between 1967 and 1980) has had a facelift. Smokey Robinson is currently 68 years old, and while he does look years younger then his age, it’s hard to say if he’s had plastic surgery or not…

Having plastic surgery seems to be the most favorite way which was chosen by most of Hollywood celebrities to enhance their appearance but it does not always end well. It sometimes makes the patients feel better but it is sometimes like boomerang which every time makes them look weird and frightening. As it was experienced by Smokey Robinson, he lately looks so different. Did Robinson have bad plastic surgery?
Smokey Robinson is well known by public as successful R&B singer-songwriter and record producer. His plastic surgery rumors were rolling when she looks different in Grammy Awards. He looked frightening as if he has gone too far with plastic surgery. Based on before and after pictures, his different face appearance was as if resulted by browlift surgery so that his brows seem to be pulled too high so that his eyelids look cleaner and tighter. He also seemingly had blepharoplasty procedure so his face looks thinner than before and it apparently looses little skin. That such face appearance is mostly impossible for the ordinary men whose the same age 67s year-old with him, as if facelift has much role in making his face look such way. For that reason some of his fans believed that he has more than once plastic surgery.

When Smokey Robinson plastic surgery rumors were confirmed to the plastic surgery experts in order to find the closest truth, they believed that Robinson had some jobs done on his face as like facelift and eyelid surgery which can make his appearance look younger than he should be as old man. They also predicted that he likely had other surgery procedures including chemical peels and filler injections.
In short, since there have not been any official statements from Smokey regarding to his plastic surgery rumors but many people believed that he looks definitely different as if he has undergone some surgical procedures done on his face. Although some considered that he has gone too far with plastic surgery but a few of them also believed that his surgery procedures were well done then they made his appearance looks younger than he should be. What do you think about Smokey Robinson transformation? Did he look go further with plastic surgery?

I was watching the Grammy Awards last night and found Smokey Robinson’s appearance somewhat frightening. He looks nothing like he used to. He appears to have had a browlift which has pulled his brows way too high, giving him a permanently surprised look. With my HDTV I swear I could almost see the scars of his probable blepharoplasty surgeries as well. When you compare his face now to the one before, you can see that his face is much thinner and has very little loose skin. This is very unusual for a 67 year old man, and is a sign of a likely facelift.
I believe that Smokey is the classic case of each plastic surgery procedure being successful in doing what it’s supposed to (browlift lifts the brow, facelift removes loose skin, etc.), but these parts adding up to an overall whole which looks unnatural, or done. The job of a good plastic surgeon is to put these parts together appropriately, so that a person does not look odd.

He’s such an amazing singer; hopefully he will stay away from the knife from now on. I know what you are thinking, dear blog reader: “I second that emotion!”

The 73 years old Smokey Robison had surprised many people due to his new look. He looked so unnatural nowadays. Dr. Anthony Youn in his site stated that Smokey Robinson might have several kinds of plastic surgeries along his career including browlift, eyelid surgery and a facelift.
He commented that the result looked frightening, why? We can see that in his face, as a 73 years man, there should be a lot of sagging skin on his face. But in truth, we could see no sagging skin. His face had been completely tightened. The facelift looked run well, but it’s a bit unnatural for his age.

The browlift might also worked in his face, if we compare between his previous photo and the latest one, we can differentiate the brows. Nowadays, the brow looked too much pulled up, it looked a bit strange having  a brow lift far from the eyes. And the third s the eyelid surgery that have opened his eyes and make it fresh, His eyes looked fresher and youthful again after this.

What Dr. Anthony Youn commented is the overdone work of the plastic surgery, he guessed that Mr. Smokey should do wisely on the plastic surgery and need to make all the procedures related and appropriate. Smokey Robinson might be happy become as younger as he want to, but it’s too youthful for his age, it’s unnatural.