Sunday, July 21, 2013

Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injections and Facelift

Nowadays plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular, even among famous men. Even though there were no drastic changes in his appearance, people started wondering about the possibility of Simon Cowell plastic surgery. He is mostly recognized as one of the judges in popular TV project “Britain’s Got Talent”.
When we are talking about Simon Cowell plastic surgery it is important to decide which procedure we consider real plastic surgery. It is not a secret that Simon Cowell is a huge fan of Botox injections. During various interviews he has admitted regularly using Botox injections. Furthermore, he gives Botox injections as gifts to his friends. According to Simon Cowell, Botox injections aren’t really a plastic surgery, but some people might disagree with his opinion. There were some rumors about possible face lift procedure, but there is absolutely no evidence to prove these rumors. If he would have had a face lift procedure, his face skin would look more stretched and smooth and we do not see that on his face.

Simon Cowell has denied having any kind of more serious plastic surgery. If we look at the photo comparisons, we can see that his face looks youthful and he certainly looks younger than he is. However, his fans are starting to worry about his possible addiction to plastic surgery. There are more than enough examples which show what happens to people when they get too many fillers injected under their skin. Some of the most terrible examples are Jocelyn Wildenstein, Mickey Rourke, Joan Van Ark plastic surgery. It is possible that something like this might happen to Simon Cowell. At least for now his face looks natural and it doesn’t yet have that fake and “plastic” appearance, but who knows how he will look like in a few years.

All in all, it seems that only one rumor about Simon Cowell plastic surgery is true – he is using Botox injections to maintain his youthful appearance. Either way, most of the people would agree that he is a handsome man and those injections have only helped him look better and certainly haven’t ruined his appearance. However, if he will continue to regularly use Botox, his face might become emotionless and frozen as it often happens for those who become addicted to these injections. Who knows, maybe he will finally decide to age gracefully – only time will tell.
Simon Cowell Turns To Extreme Plastic Surgery – Desperate To Look Younger

ou may think that all British guys are super sexy, but Simon Cowell is a prime example of just the opposite. The 53-year-old business mogul apparently never learned that older men who age gracefully can get all the girls (look at almost every James Bond actor!) and is turning to crazy plastic surgery procedures to keep his youthful looks. The flabby X Factor judge has taken surgery to a whole new level. Why make it a monthly occurrence when it can be a part of your daily life?

National Enquirer reports that Simon has taken a leaf from the Michael Jackson playbook—he has started sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber and has an at home technician. Their source reports, “Simon brought a technician with a portable hyperbaric chamber into his Beverly Hills home” after a neck lift procedure that uses “radio frequency energy to create tissue-firming collagen under the skin.” The source continues, “He spent about an hour a day in the chamber for a period for weeks. He usually fell asleep, and when he got out, he said he felt like a new man. Simon believes that being in the chamber helped suppress the swelling from his surgery as well as bloating from his drinking and years-long smoking habit.”
While we can understand the legitimate concern about the negative affects of nicotine and alcohol on the body, Simon is taking this way too far! It isn’t that he wants to be healthy, he just wants to look half his age!

The source explains, “Simon will be the first person tot ell you that he doesn’t mind getting older. But the truth is he’ll try anything that keeps him looking like he’s in his late 30s or early 40s.” Sorry Simon, but even if you looked like a 38-year-old, no one would want you!

Simon Cowell is all about appearances, and you can see that in his line of work. It sounds like he is terrified of becoming too old for his own industry! “He’s convinced that he can stop the ‘Aging Factor’ and look great for many years to come.” Well he has to be happy with himself, I suppose. Do you think Simon should keep up the drastic medical procedures, or just crawl under a rock somewhere and never speak again?

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Simon Cowell plastic surgery – how well did it go?
While is more common to hear rumors about women celebrities having plastic surgery, sometimes we hear people these kinds of rumors about famous men too. Recently people started talking about possible Simon Cowell plastic surgery. Nowadays Simon Cowell is mostly recognized as a judge in extremely popular TV show “Britain’s Got Talent”.

Most of the rumors about Simon Cowell plastic surgery started when people have noticed that Simon’s face looks too smooth and wrinkle-less for a man his age. There were various speculations about him possibly having facelift and Botox or other similar filler injections. Looking at some of the photo comparisons which were posted as a proof of him having plastic surgery, we can see that his face, especially his forehead looks suspiciously full and smooth if compared with the older photos. In most cases this means that a person is using Botox injections.

During one of the interviews Simon Cowell was asked about the rumors that have been following him for quite some time. He didn’t even try to hide the truth and has openly confessed that he is using regularly using Botox injections. Furthermore, Simon has stated that he sees Botox as a simple everyday routine like for example, brushing his teeth. In Simon’s opinion, Botox injections aren’t really a plastic surgery and it’s definitely not something that he should feel ashamed about. Even more –he likes Botox so much that he gives these injections as gifts for his friends. As for the other possible plastic surgeries, Simon Cowell has denied having any. He understands that the risks of ruining your appearance are quite big and the celebrity world is full of the stories about plastic surgeries gone wrong. Some of his fans are already concerned about Simon’s obsession with Botox injections. If he will continue to use them so much, he will end up ruining his appearance like some other plastic surgery celebrities like Mickey Rourke or Jocelyn Wildenstein.

All things considered, it looks like at least one of the rumors about Simon Cowell plastic surgery is true – there is no doubt that he has been using Botox injections. Only time will tell if his love for Botox will turn into addiction or not. There are many examples that show what happens when a person uses too much Botox injections. Will he be able to stop in time or will we be hearing about another celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong?