Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery Before and After, Sharon Stone Without Makeup

Sharon Stone plastic surgery – how well did it go?

Hollywood actresses along with popular singers are the ones who get most attention regarding plastic surgeries. Rumors about possible Sharon Stone plastic surgery have been following for a few years. For those who have hard time remembering her, she is a famous actress, mostly remembered for her roles in movies “Basic Instinct”, “Total Recall” and “Cat Woman”.
Most of the rumors about possible Sharon Stone plastic surgery started a few years ago when people have noticed some changes on actress’s body and face. The only surgery that has been confirmed by the actress is lip augmentation using some sort of filler. According to actress, she was shocked when she saw the results, because her lips looked terribly swollen. However, in the most recent photos we can see that her lips are back into their previous state. There are some people who believe that a lip augmentation wasn’t the only procedure that Sharon Stone has gotten. Some people believe that she might have gotten breast implants – looking at some photo comparisons we cans see that her breast size seems to have stayed the same while her body became much thinner.
In one of the interviews, actress confessed that her previous experience with plastic surgery terrified her so much that she will not be getting any kind of plastic surgeries in the future and has decided to age naturally. Only the time will tell if she was saying the truth, but for now her face looks unchanged and natural. Looking at some of the terrible plastic surgery examples like Carrot Top or Joan Van Ark, we can easily agree that aging naturally is a better choice.

You can never know what will be the exact results of certain surgery and in many cases it ruins person‘s appearance instead of fixing it. Either way, many people agree that Sharon Stone is a beautiful actress and she doesn‘t need any kind of surgical alterations to look that way.
All in all, it is not clear if all of the rumors about Sharon Stone plastic surgery are true but we know for sure that she had a lip augmentations surgery and had regretted this choice soon afterwards. If we believe in actress’s words, she will not be getting any kind of plastic procedures. Even though she has decided to age naturally, who knows what will be her opinion when the effects of aging will begin to show on her face. Only time will tell.

Sharon Stone Without Makeup

Sharon Stone has been a pretty legitimate sex symbol since her "Basic Instinct" days, so we've gotten used to seeing the star looking consistently glam for a good 20 years now.
In a very uncharacteristic turn of events, the 54-year-old look slightly less than perfect while lunching in Los Angeles yesterday. Sharon wore a simple black tee shirt and gold earrings, but it looks as if she decided to forego all makeup.

We don't expect celebrities to sport a full face of cosmetics every day, but we hardly recognized the barefaced actress. To be fair, Sharon does still have a killer body (and a 27-year-old model boyfriend to go with it). Her new boytoy was nowhere in sight, so maybe Sharon was just taking the day off?

Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery: The 'Basic Instinct' Star's New 'Natural' Appearance 

Sharon Stone has decided to "embrace a more natural appearance" of late, says a leading cosmetic expert.

The Hollywood actress was pictured enjoying a day out in Italy with her two of her sons last week. Sharon Stone  55, looked casual and relaxed -- a far cry from her polished look at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

Expert Anne-Marie Gillet says Sharon's more natural look could be down to the fact she's eased up on non-surgical procedures including fillers and boot.

"In the recent pictures, Sharon's starting to look more her age. She's wearing makeup in the previous shot [In Cannes in May] -- which can make you look younger -- but it also looks like she'd been having some gentle dermal filler treatment to restore volume and Botox," she told British magazine Closer.
"Filler injections usually last three to six months, so it is possible she is coming to the end of that period as you can see in the pictures from last week that her face looks more natural and her neck looks slightly more saggy than it did in May -- an effect of ageing when the skin begins to lose its elasticity. She still looks fantastic though, and perhaps has decided to embrace a more natural appearance."

Sharon has previously spoken about embracing her maturing body. The star says beauty is more than just outward appearance and youthful looks.

"Sex and sexuality is not about whether your elbows or knees are wrinkled. A man turns to you and says: "I love the way you laugh." That's what's turning him. They love a line around your eye or your mouth, because it tells them you've laughed and you're going to laugh and be forgiving and embracing," she explained last year.

"Men want to know that you're going to be forgiving and embracing. Believe me when I tell you a 20-year-old is not going to do that."